The Guadalupe County Democratic Party is inclusive and welcoming to new members. We believe that government should be the servant — not the master – of the people.

We believe in human rights over corporate rights.


The mission of the Guadalupe County Democratic Party is to recruit and elect public officeholders who support our community values: equality, opportunity, security, responsibility, freedom, and justice.

To achieve these goals, we support free and fair elections, the removal of restrictions on the right to vote, the inherent right of women to be free from government interference with their personal liberty, equal justice for all minorities, economic security for our younger and older citizens, and good stewardship of our environment.


If you are looking for a new political home, we would welcome you at either (or both!) of our County clubs.

OUR PRECINCT CHAIRS:  see list. Application for Precinct Chair position: click here for the form.

The best road to progress is freedom’s road.
— John F. Kennedy