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Writing Letters to the Editor

Send your letters to the editor to the addresses below. Be sure to include your name, address and phone so they can verify your interest in their publishing your letter. The various newspapers have different word count limits but the lowest is 200 so if you want to send the same letter to several papers use no more than 200 words. I have created a group in my email program to allow me to bcc (blind carbon copy) all the papers I want to contact at once. Use bcc so that you don't insult them by letting them know that you sent the same letter to multiple recipients, newspapers are funny that way.

Its great to be passionate but remember to be polite so your message will be heard not just your tone. Our goal isn't to get all our letters published as any one letter is unlikely to be printed but if enough of us write about the same topic at around the same time the newspaper is more likely to print one of them and that's the point.

San Antonio Express News - letters@express-news.net - unknown words

Northeast Herald - jflinn@primetimenewspapers.com - unknown words

Seguin Gazette - letters@seguingazette.com - 200 words

Herald-Zeitung - http://herald-zeitung.com/letter.lasso - 250 words

Daily News in Seguin - news@kwed1580.com - unknown word count

Austin American Stateman - 150 words

San Marcus Mercury - unknown words



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Last updated September 11, 2012